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Welcome to the website of Lawyer’s Office of  Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks, a barrister.


The Lawyer’s Office provides a wide range of specialized legal services addressed to  individual clients, i.e. natural persons as far as for businesses.

Legal services offered by the Lawyer’s Office of Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks covers e.g. representing clients in courts and administrative bodies, permanent legal services for business clients, advisory services, including online advices, reviewing and drafting, contracts or articles of association, drawing up legal opinions and pleadings, legal assistance in business negotiating, arbitration or mediation.  We also provide a full range of legal services relating to the preparation of documents and the process of registration of companies. 
Comprehensive legal services are rendered in Polish and in English.

Experience gained in a barrister’s office enriched by professional knowledge of the founder of the Lawyer’s Office, a barrister Lilianna Felczyńska-Fiks, and associates is the best guarantee of the highest standards of professionalism and quality of legal services as well as high effectiveness of legal solution offered by our Lawyer’s Office.

We encourage to acquaint yourself with more detailed information about the scope of services offered by the Lawyer’s Office, the founder and associates as well as employees.